Art Healing – Adult Coloring For Destressing

Coloring isn’t for kids anymore. Today it’s also used to help destress overstressed adults. There are a variety of great designs and pictures available for adults who wish to destress.

Invest in a great set of colored pencils and either a manual or electric sharpener and step into the world of coloring to help destress when you’re overstressed.

It’s amazing how easy it is to take five and color in a few lines on a picture to take away some stress. Most people forgot how soothing it was to simply color, but kids have it right.

Interjection (pardon please): from my experience, an issue with coloring is… getting your colored pencils sharpened! Since color pencils are softer than regular pencils, you need to be especially skillful sharpening them. You can do it with a hand sharpener, but I recommend an automated one. There’s a great page on electric pencil sharpeners at

More than one therapist suggests that coloring is a way to vent and release excess stress. In fact, many therapists have the patient color while they are in a therapy session. It tends to relax the patient and encourage them to open up.

There are a variety of options when it comes to coloring for adults. Most retail stores have at least a few color books that are geared more toward their adult customers than to children. From flowers to graphic designs to geometric designs customers can select from something that they enjoy.

By choosing one or more adults are able to keep one of their color books with them at all times and enjoy their newfound hobby/therapy anywhere at any time. It’s actually fun to watch a design develop and can keep the mind from wandering and being stressed.

It’s also a great way for addicts to stop their addiction as they can turn to coloring instead of their drugs. It will help to keep them occupied on something more positive.

Most people choose a large set of colored pencils to keep with their color books. It’s always wise to have several sharpeners on hand as well. The sharper the tip of the colored pencils, the clearer the lines.

By referring back to their other pictures that have been colored the person is able to see progress. They may see harsh and sharp dark lines where they may have been struggling with something.

As they work on the project they may see smoother and softer lines. It’s a great way to focus on something other than life’s issues and stresses.

Adults don’t have to feel silly for wanting to color. It’s becoming more and more of a trend as more therapists and counselors suggest it as a way to relax and lower stress levels.

From the stressed single mom who simply sits down to color with her children to the stressed out counseling patient, there is something in coloring for everyone.

It’s okay to color outside the box and make one’s own path. There’s no need to focus solely on pre-printed designs when it comes to coloring if someone is handy with art they may simply wish to doodle and color all on their own.

keep a color book handy in everything that you do and take a  few minutes several times a day to lower your stress levels and relax.